Sample Presentations and Trainings.


Leonardo’s Studio

Leonardo da Vinci is widely considered to be the greatest multi-disciplinary artist who ever lived – expert painter, writer, draftsman, and musician. Using examples from Leonardo’s journals and artwork, employees will be introduced to three concepts that they can apply in their own creative lives: taking appropriate risks to work toward mastery, persistence in problem-solving and innovation, and thinking out of the box.


The Art of Strategy

The Art of Strategy: A whole-brain intuitive approach to strategic planning and opportunity recognition
Strategic planning causing you and your organization anxiety? Completed strategic plan sitting on the shelf collecting dust? Never done a strategic plan? There is another way! C In this fast-paced session, you will learn to flex your “strategic intuition” muscles via the power of art, poetry, symbols, architecture and design thinking and leave with an outline of a creative strategic plan that is resonate and relevant to you!


Self-care for Human Service Providers
Is your organization providing your human service providers – nurses, hospice workers, educators, social workers and counselors – with the tools and strategies to refresh, renew and rejuvenate themselves in light of all the stressors and challenges they face at work? This popular presentation will encourage dialogue, hands-on participation and collaboration. Learn powerful self-care techniques, rituals and creative approaches to move from survive to thrive in the field.

Creative Breakthroughs and All That Jazz . . .
What do jazz cats know about creativity that you don’t? Explore improvisation, teamwork, and idea generation using the jazz of Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker as the model for creative breakthroughs. This presentation includes a dynamic musical performance that encourages audience participation in a live jam session with musical instruments and scat-singing. Perfect for kicking off or ending a conference or or meaningful evening entertainment!


A Creative Response to Build Resiliency Life Transitions
An easy and evocative hands-on and interactive session on how basic art activities make a difference for clinicians and their clients in the healing process. Sometimes words alone can fail, and we need effective ways to create an opening for a client's self-expression. Creative interventions provide avenues of enrichment and connection for clients who are less verbal or who are self-conscious about sharing. This workshop provides a safe, supportive atmosphere for clinicians to try creative approaches. Absolutely no artistic experience or background required. Some topics to be covered and discovered: The use and creation of colorful mandalas; the use of poems and easy forms of creating poetry; life blue prints; drama and movement techniques like tableau, mirroring and more, meditative movement.


Additional Offerings:
• Dynamic meeting facilitations
• Creative charrette sessions for gaining stakeholder feedback, handling
tough conversations and human-centered design concepts
• Productivity and creativity workshops
• Idea generation, possibility thinking and innovative brainstorming
• Insights into creative and strategic direction
• Individual mentoring